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Gas EN161 auto reset and manual reset safety shut off Solenoid Valves.

Solenoid valves for Natural Gas EN161 Approved are available from stock from 1/4 to 2" BSP threaded or DN65 to DN250 PN16 flange in either 2/2 way normally closed (automatic reset) or 2/2 way Manual Reset options.
High pressure gas solenoid valves with EN161 approval are also available in most materials and we offer a comprehensive range of gas solenoid valve solutions with explosion proof ATEX coils, open and closed position switches, double coil offering increased reliability gas solenoid valves, micro power suppression gas solenoid valves that resist millisecond power failures and many other special gas application and gas processing applications.
All Solenoid valves used for Natural Gas Domestic or Commercial applications must be EN161 Gas Board Approved and installed by a registered Gas Safe Installer. It’s become as ingrained over the past 17 years that no one looks at your boiler unless they’re CORGI registered. Until now, but from 1 April 2010, CORGI will no longer manage the scheme and the new GAS SAFE REGISTER will come into action.
Why the change? The CORGI scheme has been running for the last 17 years, but has recently been reviewed and re-tendered by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and subsequently won by Capita Group. As the CORGI brand is owned by the company this could not be used, therefore the HSE established and now own the GAS SAFE REGISTER as the new brand and trademark.
What will change?
  • Gas Safe Register is the only scheme approved by the HSE
  • Gas installers wanting to undertake gas work will need to be on it
  • As of 1st April CORGI cards can no longer be used
  • CORGI will continue as a technical service only
  • All stationery, logos and vans with the CORGI logo will have to be changed
  • All issued gas safety certificates containing the CORGI logo remain valid until their expiry and can be issued until 31st March 2010.
What does it mean for us? We will now need to raise awareness of the new scheme to minimise confusion and the possibility of bogus engineers taking advantage of the unfamiliarity.
All of our Gas Safe Solenoid Valves listed below are EN161 Approved and ideally suited for the very low MilliBar Natural Gas or Propane Pressures normally associated with Mains Gas Supply. However we do offer Gas solenoid valves that can cope with gas pressures up to 5 Bar. See below some of our special purpose Gas Solenoid Valves.
We offer 2 main types of Gas EN161 Approved Solenoid valves,
1. Normally Closed (Auto Reset) - Gas Solenoid Valve stays closed power to open, as it is illegal to use a gas solenoid valve that stays open with power to close, as a power supply failure will render the valve into the open position.
2. Manual Reset - Gas Solenoid Valve stays closed if power is supplied the valve will only open if manually lifted into the open position. For safety reasons upon power failure the valve will automatically close and will stay closed even if power is reapplied. So for example if the boiler pilot light has extinguished the solenoid valve cannot reopen automatically and fill the room with gas.
Please find below the most commonly used EN161 Natural Gas and Propane EN161 registered solenoid valves and motorised gas valves.
You read and find out more about GAS EN161 Safety Gas Auto Shut Off valves here.

EN161 & ATEX Gas Approved Solenoid Valves 

GAS Solenoid Valves EN161 Miniature Gas Approved from Stock

Gas solenoid Valve Series 20011G
1/8" & 1/4" BSP Gas Approved Solenoid Valves
Gas Solenoid Valve Series VMR 1/2 to DN250 EN161 Gas Auto Reset 01454 334990
Gas Solenoid Valve Series VMR Auto Reset
BSP Port: 1/2, 3/4, 1, 11/4, 11/2 and 2" BSP

Flange PN16: DN65 to DN250
EN161 Certified Gas Solenoid Valves

Gas Control Valve VMH EN161 ON OFF

Gas Solenoid Valve Series VMH Auto Reset Motorised Valves
Flange Port: DN65 to DN200 PN16 Flange 
EN161 Certified Gas Valves

Gas Solenoid Valve Series EVRMNCA 1/2 to DN200 EN161 Gas Manual Reset 01454 334990

Gas Solenoid Valve Series EVRMNCA Manual Reset
BSP Port: 1/2 to 2"BSP
Flange Port: DN65 to DN200 PN16 Flange 
EN161 Certified Gas Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valve DN32 to DN300 EN161 Type 27 picture

Gas Solenoid Valve Series B27 Auto Reset with ATEX Coil
Flange Port: DN300 PN16 Flange
Pressure: 0 to 0.05 Bar
EN161 DVGW certified Gas Solenoid Valve

Gas Solenoid Valve - Manual Reset EN161 Gas Board Approved Solenoid Valve with EexdIICT6 enclosure

EN161 Gas Solenoid Valves for Special Purpose applications.  

Gas Solenoid Valve DN65 to DN200 0 - 0.4 Bar DPGR Series
Gas Solenoid Valve DN65 to DN150" 0 - 5 Bar KEPB Series
Some custom options include:
Voltages from 12vDC to 380vAC
Protection levels from IP65 to EexdIICT6 ATEX 
Open & Closed Position Switches , Double Coil Anti Micro power coil suppression and other Custom made options made to order
Port Size - Type
Port Option
Min Pressure
Max Pressure
Body Material
Special Option




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